The CACCIA ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION on machineries for PVC compound and thermoplastic resins preparation

The innovations involving the entire range are numerous. The components used are of world leading brand for the whole platform (PLC, inverter, man-machine interface, motors, pneumatic and mechanical components). The revolution mainly applied as standard world-wide preview on machines of this category concerns the replacement of the control panel by a real industrial 8,5” computer touch screen (currently run with Windows XP Embedded). The choice made by our Industrial Automation & Software Development department allows an incomparable flexibility. Accordingly customers can share all information inside their own corporate network that they wish to obtain from the machine and they can require a tele-assistance by the technical department of Caccia Engineering completely free of charge.

The main automation hardware components of our turbomixing plants are:

  • Industrial PC ASEM HT700 LCD SVGA 8,5” touch screen, solid-state hard disk, 2 serials, 2 Ethernet RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbit, 3 USB 2.0, 1 PS2, 1 CRT/LCD. Protection IP65 to resist against humidity and high temperatures.
  • Inverters with control device sensorless vector with overload by 120% for 60s, 100% of the couple at 0.5 Hz and energy saving technology.
  • Keyboard+display with function of parameters copy. The use of inverters allows high energy savings.
  • Backbone network between PLC and PC with host link protocol at high speed.
  • PLC data already containing all possible accessory ranges with PC-guided configuration to enable the addition of extra plant components without the intervention by a programmer.

As far as the software of machine process supervision and control is concerned, the immense knowledge in the field of turbomixers led to the creation of the new SMART VISION 3.12 interface. Actually the new SMART VISION 3.12 offers following innovations:

  • Ergonomic and enhanced graphic display using high-contrast colors to show images in Windows style.
  • Clear views of all the system variables.
  • Full management of the alarms with description, textual help, pictures and events chronology.
  • Access to recipes as user or as administrator with different privileges and printing possibility.
  • Creation of recipes containing all system variables in Excel style with scanning and editing page.
  • Record of the production cycle variables with detailed or summarized visualization (printable file).
  • Record of the created recipes (printable file).
  • Trend-graphic of the cycle variables with zooming and chronological enquiry (printable file).
  • Complete diagnostic pages for CPU PLC and I/O module with notification of fault codes and input/output status.
  • Guided machine configuration pages to enable the addition of extra plant components autonomously.
  • Remote assistance through modem with access to the PLC, inverters and PC diagnostic, with the possibility to modify or personalize the working program (upgrade).